The Kenya National Secretaries Association (KENASA) is a professional association for Office Administrators & Secretaries both in the public and private sectors. The main objective of the association is to create a forum for the Secretarial professionals to interact and deliberate on emerging issues affecting the secretarial profession in regard to standards, ethics and professionalism.

The main objective of the Kenya National Secretaries Association is to create a forum for the Secretarial professionals to interact and deliberate on emerging issues affecting the Secretarial profession in regard to the standards, ethics and professionalism. Other objectives are as follows;
a) To identify and lead on areas and issues that affect Secretaries both negatively and positively and take up initiatives aimed at ensuring continued growth and development of the Secretarial profession in the country.
b) To foster and maintain a high level of professionalism, effectiveness and status of the Secretarial profession by;
 Establishing a code of conduct for the Secretarial profession and its members and to enforce observance of the code of conduct for its members.
 Encouraging and assisting members to develop their careers within and beyond the secretarial profession
 Setting professional standards and to confer national recognition upon the practitioners who meet the standards.
 Helping in formation of bodies and institutes affiliated to the Association which would provide formal training, and where applicable certification.
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 Carrying researches on secretarial profession for the purpose of improving and optimizing service delivery to the nation.
c) To exchange knowledge, ideas and experience amongst members, affiliated organizations and any other individuals, on the role of the secretarial profession and the well-being of the members through;
 Publishing and distribution of newsletters and journals.
 Organization and conducting conferences, workshops, seminars and trainings on issues relating to the profession.
d) To represent the secretarial professionals nationally and internationally by;
 Advising the government on matters of policy, legal considerations, code of conduct and professionalism affecting the secretarial profession.
 Promoting better communication and closer links between the secretarial professionals and other management functions.
 To perform any other functions in the furtherance and promotion of the objectives of the Association.

The Association is involved in a number of activities throughout the year both at the National and branch levels. In particular, we highlight the main events of the Association at National level as follows;

  1. Annual General Conference. This event is a two-day Conference normally held in the month of March/April of every year. It is a three-in-one event comprising of the Training component, Annual General Meeting and Gala Dinner Conference for the Secretary of Year Award (SOYA) Ceremony.
  2. Representatives/Leaders Conference: This Conference brings together all the Association’s representatives or Officials drawn from the Ministries, Counties, State Corporations, Parastatals and private sector. During this Conference, the National Executive Committee engages the leadership of the Association in terms of the growth and progress the Association is taking. It is also during this Conference that the views of the general membership is collated and prepared for presentation to the larger membership during the Annual General Meeting (AGM). This event is normally held in August/September of every year.
  3. Annual Summit/Symposium: The Annual Symposium /Summit brings together all members of the Association, renowned and experienced administrative professionals, heads of administrative units, government policy makers, leading academics in the field of office administration and thought leaders who are proactively using select office administrative practices to drive organization performance to excellence to debate, discuss and share diverse points of view on what has been working so far and why in the field of office administration. This event is normally held in November/December of every year.
    The Annual General Conference is a two-day Conference normally held in the month of March/April of every year. It is a three-in-one event comprising of the Training component, Annual General Meeting and Gala Dinner Conference.
    The Association has an operational Constitution under which its anchored. Section 8(a) of this Constitution provides direction on holding an Annual General Meeting. As of today, the Association is due to hold its 11th Annual General Meeting (AGM) in the month of April 2020. This will be a unique AGM given the fact that it will have an element of elections of the National Office Bearers.
    Section 4(a) of this constitution provides that the National Office Bearers shall be elected every three (3) years at an Annual General Meeting (AGM). It further states in Section 4(d) that all officers are eligible for re-election except that no person shall serve more than two consecutive terms in any single office. Once out of office of the Association, a person is not eligible for election to the same office for a period of one term (or 3 years).
    In the spirit of devolution, the constitution provides for establishment of branches and chapters at provincial and district levels. In line with the new CoK 2010, we therefore have branches at the County levels. We also have representation at all Ministries, State Departments, State Corporations and other Government Agencies.
    Section 13 provides direction on the elections at branch levels. The elections at branch level will take place sixty (60) days to the Annual General Meeting.

    In the interest of succession planning in the leadership of the Association, we wish to ask the members in various jurisdictions to start preparations of electing the leaders that will propel the Association to the next level. To propel this Association to the next level, it takes all leaders right from the grass root to the national level, of course with the support of the membership.
    In view of the above, it is therefore in the interest of the current leadership to implore on the membership of the Association to start as early as possible to assess and scrutinize the kind of leadership that will propel and help the Association in realizing its vision.
    For the larger membership to be able to assess and examine the incoming leadership well, it will therefore require that those members who would like to serve in the leadership of the Association in various capacities and at various levels declare their interests and intentions as such so that members are able to familiarize themselves with them and also get an opportunity to interrogate and engage them on matters Kenya National Secretaries Association.